At HL Engineering, we believe our Client’s success is our goal. We are responsive to our Client’s objectives and needs, and exceed their expectations, through the implementation of the following:

• Innovative and sustainable solutions.
• Cost-efficient design combined with extensive and practical experience.
• Working closely with our clients to understand their ongoing needs, and provide timely and effective response.

It’s our belief that value engineering is very important to our projects. Based on our experience and expertise, we evaluate various building system solutions, to obtain optimum value for the client investment. Analyze each solution cost into project as a whole, and balance capital cost implication and operation/maintenance costs

Our firm stands behind our commitment to bring the best of our sustainable building experiences and practices to the projects. The following are some examples of our previous sustainable solutions:

• Geo-Thermal Energy
• Solar Energy
• Daylighting
• Wind Power
• Photovoltaics Power